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You will find number of natural products that help maintain optimal health. Each product can provide unique benefits to support the body to function effectively.
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Black Seed Oil (Black Cumin Oil) Cold Pressed
Oooh Skincare's Black Seed oil is cold pressed. Black Seed oil is known for supporting good health by boosting the immune system. Black Seed oil can be used internally and supports healthy hair and skin too.
From: £7.00
Colloidal Zinc UK
Colloidal Zinc is a suspension of zinc particles in distilled water. Zinc has a number of benefits that include supporting the immune system and reproductive health.
From: £9.95
Colloidal Silver UK
Colloidal silver is made from distilled water and 99.997% pure silver. It has the benefit of being a natural antiseptic. It is found to be useful for acne, eczema, psoriasis and can be used on pets as well a disinfectant around the home.
From: £9.95
Colloidal Gold
This colloidal gold is manufactured in the UK from 99.99% 24ct gold and distilled water. The benefits of colloidal gold is that it can be used for mental clarity, enhance sexual function and is said to help with arthritis.
Diatom (Diatomaceous|) |Earth
Diatom (Diatomaceous) Earth food grade is great for all round detoxing and providing minerals to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.