Magnesium Replenish

Why do we need magnesium in the body?
Magnesium is one of several minerals essential for optimal health. We didn't personally do a count but some research shows over 300 processes in the body needs Magnesium.

It goes without saying, if you don't have the required amount of Magnesium your body won't function properly. Here are a few of the common symptoms of not having enough Magnesium.

Magnesium to sleep well
There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep well. Consistently not sleeping well could be a sign that you are Magnesium deficient. You will often find you will feel irritable in the morning. Poor sleep affects concentration and your mood. Let us face it, it isn't great feeling moody or being around someone in a mood. The good news is Magnesium helps get the body and the mind relaxed and ready for sleep. Better sleep can lead to better levels of concentration and a better mood. Keep reading and you will find some other benefits of Magnesium. 

Magnesium for leg cramps
Magnesium helps to relax muscles whereas calcium helps muscles to contract. Where your body is Magnesium deficient you may experience higher than normal leg cramps. Leg cramps are painful and occur in bed or when exercising.

Magnesium for Stress
Magnesium helps produce the hormone serotonin helping to reduce stress and anxiety. If there are prolonged periods of stress this can lead to depression.

What is the best way replenish Magnesium?
You may think that your diet will help to increase the level of Magnesium in the body. Certainly eating a diet rich in leafy greens that are organic will help. However, the most effective way of replenishing magnesium in the body, believe it or not is through the skin and is known as Magnesium transdermal therapy.

So how does transdermal therapy work? There are a number of options and it comes down to personal preference in order to meet your needs. 

How To Replenish Magnesium In Your Body

Spray Mineral Gel directly onto the skin and massage in. Target specific areas of your body, for example an aching back, legs to alleviate cramps.  

So why is topical otherwise known as transdermal application of Magnesium better than taking an oral supplement? Firstly, Magnesium can have an well unpleasant effect on the digestive system which could result in you wanting to visit the toilet aka bathroom frequently. Secondly absorption through the skin works. You can feel it working within a few minutes. 

If you enjoy working out but hate having sore muscles or cramps, spray our Mineral Gel all over before and after your workout. This simple action will help performance and prevent cramps during your workout. It will also help to replenish lost Magnesium through sweating.

If you have restless leg syndrome or get cramps in your legs or stomach, to help ease the condition simply spray Mineral Gel directly where required.

Having a bath with between 250g to 500g Magnesium salt flakes and soaking for 20 minutes works wonders for getting Magnesium into your body overall. 

Don't have a bath? No bath, no problem, add around 100g of Magnesium salt flakes to a bowl, add water, soak your feet while you sit back and relax.

Note: If you suffer from kidney disease or severe heart disease, a doctor should be consulted before taking magnesium. The content of this website is not designed to diagnose. It is for educational purposes only.


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Mineral Gel
Mineral gel is a concentrated form of magnesium and other essential minerals. It is beneficial for aching, sore muscles. It is especially useful after exercise. Can be used to soften dry flaking skin and ease eczema or psoriasis. It promotes sound sleep especially when applied before bedtime.
5kg Magnesium Flakes
At last there is a 5kg Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes Value Pack. Perfect for taking a warm bath or foot soak to help replenish magnesium levels in the body at least 4 times a week or everyday in you feel like.
From: £20.00
Magnesium Salt
Helps to maintain essential levels of Magnesium within the body. Add to the bath or foot spa and soak for at least 20 minutes.