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Magnesium is one of several minerals essential for optimal health. Don't take our word, Dr Sircus has done extensive research on the importance of Magnesium. He states that severe magnesium deficiency can lead to a number of chronic conditions such as stroke, diabetes and cancer. He goes onto state that even a mild deficiency can result in not being able to sleep, irritability, mental depression and nervousness. 

Magnesium is a key requirement for most bodily functions. Magnesium helps to prevent muscle cramps, magnesium supports a good night sleep, magnesium helps to reduce stress levels. The most effective way of getting magnesium is through the skin otherwise known as transdermal therapy.

So how does transdermal therapy work? There are a number of options and it comes down to personal preference in order to meet your needs. 

Spray Magnesium oil directly onto the skin and massaging it in works great to target specfic areas of your body. For example if you have an aching back, sore muscles, cramps in your stomach, thighs or legs.

Having a bath or foot soak, with 250g to 500g Magnesium salt flakes works wonders for getting Magnesium into your body overall. It can help with ezcema, relaxation, promotes sound sleep and detoxing to name a few of the benefits. Try a Magnesium salt bath and let us know how it was for you.

Always do you own research and consult a professional before making any major life changes.


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Magnesium Oil
The most effective way of absorbing Magnesium is through the skin (transdermal). Spray as and when needed to alleviate muscle soreness, cramps and tiredness. Regular use is good for improving overall well being.
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Magnesium Gel
Magnesium gel is a concentrated form of magnesium and other essential minerals. It is beneficial for aching, sore muscles. It is especially useful after exercise.Can be used to soften dry flaking skin and ease eczema or psoriasis. It promotes sound sleep especially when applied before bedtime.
Magnesium Flakes 5kg value tub
Super sized 5kg Magnesium Flakes tub.
Magnesium Salt
Helps to maintain essential levels of Magnesium within the body. Add to the bath or foot spa and soak for at least 20 minutes.