Facial Care

Discover How Easy It Is To Look After Your Face Using Natural Products

Our face is usually the point of focus for interaction whether it is a smile, frown, laugh or kiss.
It is easy to feel self conscious when our skin is not looking the best. Does it matter what you put on your face? You bet it does!

Taking care of your face naturally is so easy. Choose from a range of clays, moisturisers and lip balms that help to maintain great skin. You can rest assured that the ingredients are all natural, in other words they do not contain any toxins such as parabens and are not made using animal products. Yes our skincare products are suitable for vegans.

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Facial Rejuvenating Cream
Maintain smooth and supple skin with the cell regenerating and moisturising properties of oils and butters. Apply day and night. Suitable for vegans.
Detoxifying and Reviving Clay Mask
A special blend of green and yellow french clays known to detox, exfoliate and tone. Regular use can help leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and looking radiant. Can be used on the face and neck. Suitable for normal to oily skin.
Lip Balm - with a natural blackcurrant aroma
Keep your lips soft, supple and moist with this lip balm. Made with natural ingredients including a yummy blackcurrant flavour. Suitable for vegans.
Lip Balm - Unscented
Made with natural ingredients and suitable for vegans this is a must for keeping your lips moisturized, soft and supple.
Is an antioxidant and anti-microbial. Promotes elastin and collagen production, helping to keep the skin supple. Use daily as a toner.