Bentonite Clay Detox and Cleanse Your Hair, Face and Body

Bentonite Clay

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Sodium bentonite clay naturally detoxes the skin and body. When mixed with water it becomes charged and has the power to draw out toxins and heavy metals from the body and skin. It tones and tightens and helps to create radiant glowing skin. Ingredients 100% Sodium Bentonite
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Bentonite is a natural clay made from volcanic ash. When mixed with water it absorbs more than its weight and this is where the cleansing power starts. The first thing you notice is it tones and tightens and helps to create radiant glowing skin. Simply adding water gives it the power to attract dirt, grime and naturally draws out toxins from your skin. 

I love using natural products and here a some simple ways you can enjoy the healing power of Bentonite clay.

Did you know you can use Bentonite clay for eczema?
Bentonite clay has the ability to soothe inflamed skin. The easiest way to use is to add it to the bath water.
Alternatively make a mask of porridge like consistency and apply it to the skin and cover with a cotton bandage. Leave for 30 minutes, wash off and moisturise. You could use a shea butter based moisturiser. Try our Unscented or Lavender Body Butters that are rich in shea butter and can help keep skin supple.  

How you can make bath time Spa time
If you like pampering but can't get to a spa, why not take some time out of your schedule and pamper yourself at home. Make bath time special by using this simple tip. Surround your bath with candles, get a glass of something refreshing. Play soothing music in the background as this helps to set the mood and makes you feel even more relaxed.
Add a handful of Bentonite clay to running water and soak in the bath. I know everyone has different skin but it makes my skin feel super clean and smooth. You can take your bathtime to another level by combining the healing power of Bentonite with the relaxing power of Magnesium salt

How to have glowing skin naturally
A face or body mask when applied to the skin contributes to glowing skin
  • Helps draw out toxins, dirt and grime from the skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Skin is exfoliated and dead skin cells are removed
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  • Product Code: BC-1000R-17
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